The Roadmap "Raising of Construction Sector Employee Qualifications and Skills for Achieving Energy and Climate Targets of 2020" for Latvia has developed!


 BUILD UP Skills – Latvija -  Analysis of the national status quo

  •  BUILD UP Skills Initiative in the Commission's new Strategy for the Sustainable Competitiveness of the Construction Sector and its Enterprises

On 31 July the European Commission tabled a strategy to boost the construction sector, which will next be discussed in the European Council and the European Parliament. Its main lines include stimulating favourable investment conditions, in particular in the renovation and maintenance of buildings. Secondly, boost innovation and improve worker's qualifications by promoting mobility. Thirdly, improve resource efficiency, by promoting mutual recognition of sustainable construction systems in the EU. Fourthly, provide standard design codes of practice to construction companies making it easier for them to work in other Member States. Finally, foster the global position of European construction enterprises to stimulate good performances and sustainable standards in third countries

The BUILD UP Skills Initiative is a cornerstone of the 2nd priority "Improving the human-capital basis of the construction sector". We would particularly like to draw your attention to point 3.2 of the Communication (see page 10-12) and on two Commission actions of the action plan in annex of the Communication (see page 19):

This is very encouraging for the BUILD UP Skills Initiative at European and national level and an encouraging first step to facilitate the access to funding for the implementation of future roadmap measures.

Here the link to the press release: Construction: unleashing the potential of low energy buildings to restore growth

Here the link to the Strategy and Action Plan: Strategy for the sustainable competitiveness of the construction sector and its enterprise

 Please forward this email to your partners and communicate this new strategy and the link to BUILD UP Skills within your national qualification platforms


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European Commission
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